L.A. Girl Cocoa Foundation GLM967


GLM967 Cocoa - For dark skin with caramel undertones.

L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup luxuriates the complexion in blemish-concealing coverage that will enhance the skin's natural radiance effortlessly.

Boasting a sumptuously Cruelty-free formula, Perfecting Liquid Makeup is available in a selection of decadent true-to-life shades that allow full creative control, ensuring you will always look your fabulous best!

With the ability to promote a naturally beautiful finish for the skin whilst remaining delicately lightweight, Perfecting Liquid Makeup is set to become an absolute must-have for any cosmetic junkie's collection.

Infused with both Vitamin C and E, this innovative liquid crafts a velvety-smooth finish for the complexion, gliding deliciously onto the skin, guaranteeing no patches or streaks, whilst simultaneously nourishing and brightening at a cellular level.